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Oh Holy Night.

In a year where we have seen a red moon and the sun itself come closest to the earth in hundreds of years, it is no surprise that our eyes turned to the heavens more than ever before. This year’s Nyepi day, the day of silence, was observed under an extraordinary night. This Nyepi night, with all lights out and during the only International airport closure for a spiritual event in the world, the atmospheric conditions were perfect.

Revealing what really lies above us. Not a breath a wind, not a cloud in the sky. No haze, no smog. Perfect stillness. Not even the bark of a single dog. And a domed blanket of stars so rich and so clear that you could even make out the colours of the Universe. Countless visitors simply lay back in their hotel pools and felt the enormity of the sky and the soft pressure of absolute silence. A tear inducing reminder of what we are on earth and an idea of where we fit in.

So…inspired by this event, we have allowed this past Nyepi to inspire this, the Movie issue. Keeping with our star theme, You will find an extraordinary article on, of all people, the great scientist Albert Einstein. It was he, over one hundred years ago, that theorized that outer space was a place of enormous gravitational waves that travel through the Universe exactly the same way ocean waves do. And that in the future we may be able to harness this power and use it to “Ride” into deep space. And speaking of the impossible powers, powers more powerful than we, we also caught up with Photographer Pete Frieden and his incredible photos of the “Grower” at Desert point. If any wave is an example of enormous powers beyond our control, his photos prove the point. In this issue, thanks to photographer Trevor Murphy, we also travel to New England and witness another world that seems impossible. The world of cold water surfing.

And not just ice-tea cold, but freezing deep down snow-on-the-beach bone cold. Trevor’s remarkable photographs depict a world of 6mm wetsuits, blasting car heaters and numb faces. We were also lucky enough to do an extensive interview with Rahtu Suargita, pro surfer and President of the Halfway Boardriders Club. But the conversation turned more into a lesson as Rahtu sat in deep contemplation and shared his very personal views on what he has learned in his life. Take your time with this one. It’s the best interview we have ever done.

And it has inspired us to make it a regular feature with other great leaders of our community. Look for more of this kind of personal insight in our upcoming issues. For our photo portfolio we were lucky enough to hear from Damea Dorsey, ex-pro surfer, master photographer and…barber? Yes, Damea talked with us from his groovy barber shop that he operates upstairs at the Deus Temple of enthusiasm in Canggu. His photos, both in his portfolio and in our gallery section, are astonishing. And of course we bring you our Gallery, featuring what we believe are the greatest surf shots in the world.

And all this inspired by a night of absolute wonder and silence and reflection.

Oh Holy night.
The stars are bright and shining.
Just like the magazine you hold in your hand.

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