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Once you have ridden a wave on the other side of the world, you are never the same. Because surf travel turns you into a storyteller. Imagine a time before photography, what travel was like. Pencil sketches from memory. But when you think about it…is it all that much different in our digital world? Then or now, travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

A promise that the life you have led need not be the one you always have to. All it takes to change everything is to go. And so… in this issue we go to many places. Alan Van Gysen, South Africa’s premiere surf photographer, assembled his far ranging photos of the Dark Continent into a stunning portfolio. A man of deep faith, he puts a lot of heart and soul on the line for his beliefs and his photos. And it shows. We were lucky to get them. And lucky to be able to peer into another world of surfing as fantastic as our own. Africa offers as many startling and mysterious experiences as Indonesia, and here is the proof.

On the other hand, a story came across our desks of a very different sort. A story not from an experienced travel soldier, but from an innocent little girl, jumping up and down with the excitement of her first trip overseas. Bali’s Taina Izquierdo was selected by Rip Curl to visit the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal. Taina’s diary, aside from being unbelievably cute, give us insight into all our youthful days. When the world was all strawberries and rainbows. It will be fascinating to look back at this article once Taina establishes herself on the pro tour in years to come. Because here is another thing surf travel guarantees: You are going to be a better surfer than
you ever imagined.

Now, travel doesn’t always have to be to the other side of the world. It can also be to the other side of the island. We took a journey recently over to Keramas with ace photographer Pete Frieden. A perfect day for local travel and what turned out to be a perfect day of surf. We got to see the place explode with hot surfing from Lee Wilson, Rizal Tandjung, a very stylish Zye Norris and even that crazy skimboarder, Brad Domke.

A minijourney that had as much action in one day as an entire overseas surf trip. In this issue we also cover the travel from the inner realm. Photographer Diogo D’Orey proves himself a red-hot surfer as well by getting in front of the camera. Getting deep not only in the tube but in his very personal essay that accompany the photographs. A rare sight, this. A Surftime award winning photographer featured surfing in cover worthy photos of himself. We also have insane shots from Australian Photographer Ben Budgen. He captured the psycho’s at Cape fear doing their thing. And finally, from another Surftime award winning photographer, Everton Luis, another very personal essay on giving thanks to the men who bring back all these images from around the world for us to feast upon and dream among. Surfing is a traveling sport and we are damn lucky it is.

Especially to all those destinations out there that aren’t on any map. No true place ever is. So as you read this issue, feel free to draw inspiration from the words of Susan Sontag who quipped “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” Wise words indeed. Because jet lag is for amateurs. And, remember, if you get out there and find yourself going through hell… keep going.

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