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It is the waves that bind us together. That give us our Global consciousness. Waves speak hundreds of different languages to millions of different surfers. And yet, the message is the same. Come to me. Hitch a ride on my energy. And I will blow your mind. I will give you the greatest individual moments of your lives. I will share my secrets. I will drive your passion. I will shape your body. I will shape your mind.

In this issue we examine this message and the Global Consciousness it creates. We start our adventure here at home, in Sumbawa with Mason Ho and his famous Dad, Michael. A sacred session that pushed the boundaries of modern performance. We then check in with the President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama. His legacy in tatters due to an absurd election season, one of Obama’s last actions will also be his most lasting. And it will directly affect every surfer on earth. The creation of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in the Pacific Ocean. The largest environmentally protected place on earth. All for us.

Then we travel to a far off island, off Atlantic North West Africa. One of the most remote islands in the world, to examine the lost art of surfing alone, without cameras or dreams of Go Pro selfie clips. Just surfing for the sake of it in raw, unknown waves. A test of one’s own motivations. In this issue we were also stoked to hear from the Russians. In an extraordinary photo portfolio, the results of this year’s SURF JAM photo contest, that gives us a look at a surfing existence as far from our tropical world as it gets.

Sub-zero surfing that would test the mettle of anyone. Our Russian brother’s love for surfing is strong. We then examination the best aerial of the year from our current World Champion, John John Florence. And with all this talk of Wave pools, we also hear why Olympic surfing will never work unless it is synthesized. Not the best news for the most nature-intimate sport on earth. Our science corner this month examines the incredible Micro-photography of the elements that actually allow us to stand up and balance on a surfboard.

And our Global surfing issue comes to a close with a remarkable photo project by Russian photographer Olga Sinenko. A look deep into our past but with today’s Canggu surfing. You will have to see it to believe it. So open up and enjoy this new issue. Become part of our Global consciousness. It’s not as tough as it sounds. After all, Edgar Mitchell said it best. We are just stars wrapped in skin.


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