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Stoke that furnace everyday. That’s what our hearts tell us. Surfing as a drug of choice. Happiness is not enough. Demand euphoria. In this issue we certainly do. From a stoked surfer like Alan Van Gysen, who brings us into the wild this month with a moving photo essay from the dark continent. From a stoked surfer like Jordan Rodin, who gave up fins altogether and took a pilgrimage to Jeffery’s bay to meet with his longtime Mentor Derek Hynd. The two of them blowing minds in Africa.

From Stoked surfers like Padma’s Nyoman Satria, who shares with us all his lessons of life from his 22 trips around the sun. From stoked surfers like Marcus Palladino, who checks in from the cold north. With an eye opening portfolio of images from Canada, of all places. A photo essay that you could stare at for hours, feeling the stoke it takes to clamber into five millimeter wetsuits and dive into a sea of ice. From stoked surfers like Rizal Tandjung, who embodies the medical opinion that surfing is actually a type of medicine. Hard medical proof has been discovered that surfing keeps us young and healthy.

Doctors have actually given it a name: Thallasotherapy. But we all know it as stoke. Knew it all along. From Stoked surfers like Craig Anderson and Dion Agius who ventured far, far south, into the sunburned country of Oz, coming back with a lot more than suntans. From stoked surfers like Liquid Barrel, who captured the North Shore season like no other, allowing us to freeze and examine the wave of the winter. And finally from a stoked surfer like 53 year old World Champion Tom Curren, who is still seeking new sensations with new equipment. New ideas. New feelings of stoke.

All this stoke, from all around the world. Why try to justify it? We are going surfing no matter what. All of us. Because we will never know how stoked we are until being stoked is the only choice we have. And we want that choice. Everyday. And we’ll make that choice. No matter what.


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