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A provocative word, summer. It evokes not only our favorite memories but also our finest hopes. Especially here on the equator where we have only two seasons. Wet and dry. Though our recent monsoon was unreasonably long, the surf it gave us was wonderously bountiful. So with a summer season that has kicked off with some of the highest quality surf seen in years, all in all, we have had one of the best years of surf ever. Or maybe it is just that we are surfing more and better than ever.

As witnessed in this special issue we bring you dedicated to a summer that has barely begun. The theme of this issue is called Five Summer Stories for a reason. We were lucky enough to get a last minute article by surf journalism and filmmaker maestro Sam George on his fond memories of his favorite surf movie from the 70’s, FIVE SUMMER STORIES. And how today’s internet clips have not brought us closer as a tribe, but much further away from each other.

Sure, we can’t go back, but man, for any older surfers out there Sam’s article is like a phone call from an old friend. And of course for the young at heart we have put together our own summer stories. Betet Merta dropped by the offices and told us his tale, as only Betet can, of Indonesia’s impact on Australia this year. Senior Photographer Diogo D’Orey hooked up with Lombok Photog Putu Juliartha and an all star, all Indonesian crew for a secret strike to a secret wave that brought them all closer together for a summer story they will tell for the rest of their lives. Rahtu Suargita breaks down his incredible two wave session at Padang Padang and much much more.

So turn the page and enjoy the journey.

Because at Surftime magazine, it’s always summer on the inside.


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